Decided pretty last minute that I’m going to an open casting call for extras in NYC on Saturday. It’s going to be my first serious attempt at getting some possible acting work and it would have professional pay if I’m hired.

And IF (big IF here) I get hired, I’m going to tell my actual job I’m going on vacation for the filming period (about two weeks) and they can just deal because I will be in a film.

Guys.. I’m so scared of going to NYC for the first time all by myself with no friends or family with me.

Harry Potter Meme! (With gifs!)

Saw one of my friends do this and I had to do the same. WARNING: A lot of these are accurate. And you will see how varied my fandoms are in the following series of gifs. I had many many more..

The seventh is you receiving your Hogwarts acceptance letter:

(perfect reaction gif is perfect)

The twelfth is your parent’s faces when you tell them:

The second is your reaction to Platform 9 3/4:

The twentieth is you trying on the Sorting Hat:

The thirty-first is your best friend at Hogwarts:

(oohh.. I can LIVE with this! DOCTOR DONNA FOREVER!)

The fourth gif in your folder is you learning to fly:

(aww it’s not working! S’pose to be “a-ok” sign..)

The eighth Gif in your folder is what you’d wear for the Yule ball:

(… In High School this would have been true. I loved wearing PJs to school..)

The thirty-sixth is your Boggart:

The twenty-third is you visiting Hogsmeade for the first time:

The thirtieth is you returning home for Christmas:

The forty-first is you finding out about Voldemorts return:

The eighteenth is your reaction to Umbridge’s appointment as Hogwarts High Inquisitor:


The thirteenth Gif in your folder is your reaction to Dumbledore’s death:

The twenty-second is you finding out you failed one of your N.E.W.T.S:

(So true, so true.. my reaction to everything in school when I get low grades..)

The last gif in your folder is your reaction to defeating Lord Voldemort:

I should be nervous. I really should, this could be an important step for me in my career

And all I can think about is how pretty the snow looks today. I’m also thinking about how cool it would be if I could also audition for another role in the same film that I don’t fit at all (but the role calls for male and muscular). I’m tempted to ask if I could audition for that one too if the CD isn’t too stuck on the character being male.

Watched the movie “Master of Horror Cigarette Burns”, a Norman Reedus film last night. It was okay.. it actually reminded me of Tales from the Crypt. The only moment that was really cringe-worthy for me is when one of the characters is inspired to make his own film after finally watching that movie. Brilliantly acted pain, but it made me cringe.

I’m terrible at keeping up with this thing, I swear I’ll get more involved! O.o

My audition for the theater went okay. I messed up a line from nerves but I did a nice recovery on it. I didn’t get the role but that’s fine. It was a good experience.

Updates about my webseries: Hmm, well I have the first three scripts written and showed the first episode scripts to two of my actors so far. OH! I have actors! Two main cast members are already set up besides myself. I have another few volunteers that I need to work with to figure out what roles they will have.

Technical aspects, well, I have some lighting that my parents are going to let me use. Most of the locations are going to be fairly close to my house, and one location is my backyard.  I’m going to possibly be borrowing sound equipment from my local community college.

My challenge to myself is to film this entire series using ONLY camera phones. Yes, I know, not the best quality out there, but it’s what I have and I don’t really think I should drop a few hundred dollars on a project I’m not sure is going to give me any monetary compensation back.